Therapy (Individual and Group)

I work with children, adolescents and young adults who experience emotional difficulties or self-esteem issues with regard to the learning process whether this is as a result of being gifted, being bullied or socially isolated, having learning difficulties, experiencing an auto-immune disorder, not being suited to the school, or for other reasons.

It is my belief that in many cases I cannot work with the learner alone as they are situated within multiple systems that are impacting on them. For this reason I prefer to see parents for 2-3 sessions before working with the learner (although this is not the case with young adults) to ensure that they are equipped to handle the difficulties that the learner is experiencing. If necessary, with learner and parent permission, I may liaise with the school/institution or teachers involved.

I practice integrative therapy techniques, using the SPICC model which allows me to choose which interventions are best suited to my client's needs. This may involve therapeutic techniques or education and skills training. Generally, given the nature of my clientele's difficulties, my therapeutic interventions are short term (8-12 weeks), although some clients may come to see me several times over the course of a few years.

At certain times during the year Group therapy is offered for adolescents with the following problems: Learning Difficulties, Performance Anxiety, and Auto-immune Disorders.